Bill of Materials (BOM)

Bill of Materials

At Brevan Electronics, we are here to help you organize your part requirements by BOM. Brevan's wide variety of buying options and services for your project list or bill of materials (BOM) makes achieving your supply chain goals easier. Our expert team provides customers with the highest quality services and products for every project. Send us your build requirements or BOM in a spreadsheet here.

Pricing and Lead Time Alerts

Obsolescence Monitoring

Alternative Part Number Sourcing

Quick Quote / Ordering

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Submit in Bulk

Send us your part numbers in bulk in a spreadsheet.


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Packaging Types

We offer a wide range of packaging types for your BOM requirements.


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Buying Options

Decide how you want to distribute the quantity of parts across our multiple buying options.


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Reserved Inventory

Our proprietary system allows us to quickly reserve inventory.


BOM Submit

Get Started on Your Project

Send us over your BOM or project list in a spreadsheet.

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